About FREY

FREY company established in 2013 year, focus on quality sporty style electric bike developing and supplying. FREY is committed to becoming an international mainstream brand, and customer demand-oriented innovative electric bike company.


FREY not only designs and produces excellent e-bikes, but also provide a platform for customers to show their talents. A Win-Win situation base on an open co-creation partnership by sharing, developing and achieving goals together. FREY designs and develops the e-bikes just consumers wanna.

We would like to connect FREY as a manufacturer with the FREY partners and the FREY consumers together to become a big “FREY family”.
In this way, we can work together to create the best values for all parties involved.
FREY's company principles are Passion, Cooperation, Sharing and Co-creation.

We advocate a positive and energetic FREY lifestyle: Free Ride Enjoy Yourself!


Contact info:

Email: sales@frey.bike   info@frey.bike